B2B SaaS Marketing Resources

Early-Stage B2B SaaS Lead Generation and Growth Marketing Guides

I take my experience on B2B SaaS marketing and growth, and distill it into actionable guides for startups.

My guides:

The Definitive Guide to SaaS Websites

The company website is the workhorse of any B2B SaaS marketing strategy and it’s only becoming more important as buyers seek out increasing amounts of information.

Built from my 10 years of B2B SaaS marketing experience, The Definitive Guide to SaaS Websites is the most comprehensive SaaS website guide you'll find anywhere.

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The B2B SaaS Marketing Master's

I scoured the web for the best marketing content and put together this massive 50-page free guide to becoming a B2B SaaS Marketing expert. 

My B2B SaaS Marketing Master's has over 800 links from the world's smartest marketers and covers strategy, customers, storytelling, data, lead generation, and much more.

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Better Marketing Decisions

As people have asked me questions over my marketing career, I’ve found myself giving a lot of the same advice. Better Marketing Decisions is a collection of that advice.

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B2B Customer Insights Sheet

Modern marketing is complex, and it's a lot harder when you're not working with an audience you know well. Enter the B2B Customer Insights Sheet, a tool to help you do gain high quality insights faster.

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