Your Guide to Deeper B2B Customer Insights

The B2B Customer Insights Sheet will help you quickly gain high-quality insights on what to say to potential customers, how to say it, and where to say it.

Customer Research Takes Time

Every marketer knows customer research is important. But it's time consuming and modern marketers have so many other priorities.

To help you get to high-quality customer insights faster, I created the B2B Customer Insights Sheet.

It's a template for how I developed deep B2B customer insights at companies like Heap Analytics and Periscope Data (acquired by Sisense). It covers:

  • 40 B2B customer data points
  • Getting data with and without customer interviews
  • How to apply each data point across your marketing
  • Example answers to guide you

3o day, no questions asked return policy

About Me

I'm Jon Bishop and my work has helped bring in millions in early stage revenue for top startups such as Heap Analytics and Periscope Data. I have:

  • 48x'd revenue at one startup
  • Raised revenue by high 6 figures with email retention program (client later acquired by Groupon)
  • Increased Adwords conversions over 200% and LTV by 80% (client later acquired by MoneySmart)
  • Educated over 147,000 on SQL with a beginner's course I built with Codecademy