How I Help SaaS Products Grow

I'm Jonathan Bishop and I've spent much of my career working with technical founders to market their products. Now I'm working with select startups to improve their marketing, grow their business, and build a strong foundation for future growth.

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SaaS Marketing and Growth

I have over 17 years of marketing experience with 10 years of it marketing SaaS products such as Heap and Periscope Data (acquired by Sisense). My work across marketing channels and audiences has helped bring in millions in early stage revenue for top startups. 

With experience running marketing for seed to Series B stage companies, holding positions from first employee to marketing and growth leader and successfully marketing products to developers, data scientists and analysts, product managers, marketers, and consumers, I can help with a wide variety of issues.

I have also:

  • Led small growth marketing teams in driving revenue with experiment-driven campaigns across content, paid and organic social, SEM and SEO, email, display, and product channels
  • Run A/B tests across landing pages, creative, and product, conducted full-funnel SQL data analysis, and built and scaled marketing operations from scratch
  • Profitably advertised on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Twitter, major display networks and email ad networks


  • 48x'd revenue at one startup
  • Raised revenue by high 6 figures with email retention program, client later acquired by Groupon
  • Increased Adwords conversions over 200% and LTV by 80%, client later acquired by MoneySmart
  • Have managed over $5M in ad spend across major networks
  • Over 147,000 have taken a SQL course I built with Codecademy
  • Over 10,000 have downloaded an advanced SQL ebook I developed

Strategic Zoom Sessions

Quick answers for immediate issues

Stuck on a marketing problem? Jump on a quick Zoom session with me and get unblocked. I can give you immediate advice for your most urgent marketing issues in one high-density, hour-long session.

With significant experience across a wide variety of startup stages, marketing strategies, and audiences, I’m quick to identify solutions and can cover a lot in each session.

  • Dive into strategic issues and questions
  • Learn how to run better campaigns
  • Get new ideas for tactics and optimizing your current marketing work
  • Get recommendations across organic and paid channels
Schedule a Zoom session >> $200

The Details

This is the right service if you: 

  • Don’t need a big project and just have questions
  • Are looking for an immediate impact
  • Are light on resources
  • Don’t want to make a big commitment

We cover 1-3 major issues each session. You'll fill out a short survey and I'll do additional research to prepare before we meet. 

After a quick intro and agenda review, we’ll jump into the main discussion where I'll gather any additional information needed and make my recommendations.

Marketing Strategy Overhaul

Completely overhaul your marketing

Have a great product, but missing your sales goals? Tried everything, but your customer base isn't growing or is even shrinking?

With my Marketing Strategy Overhaul project I dive deeply into your business and analyze your data, product, and market to produce highly-tailored key marketing opportunities.  

This is my signature service for past consulting clients and the first project I conducted at Heap, Periscope Data, and other startups as a growth and marketing leader.

You’ll leave with the exact tools and processes I've used to help leading startups.

Rebuild your marketing >> $5000+

The Details

This is the right service if you: 

  • Need a complete overhaul of your current marketing
  • Don’t know where to start with marketing and need a plan for the next 12 months
  • Want to build a strong foundation for future campaigns

This project starts with a comprehensive audit and strengths and weaknesses report to help you improve your marketing. You’ll then receive a highly-detailed new opportunity plan that makes deeply-researched recommendations within your unique constraints (time, budget, and more).


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